For Quality Concrete

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The Leading Source for

  • Waterstops
  • Form Liners
  • Flat Slab and Tilt-Up Accessories
  • Joint Sealers
  • Drainage Systems
  • Turf Reinforcment

For Secondary Containment

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The Specialist for Chemical Resistant Waterstops

  • TPER
  • PE
  • Stainless Steel

For Concrete Repair

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The Professionals for

  • Injection Hose Systems
  • Injection Materials
  • Joint and Crack Repair

For Pipeline Protection

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The Industry Workhorse

  • Tuff-N-Nuff Rock Shield
  • R.I.P. Shield

SIKA GREENSTREAK GROUP, INC is a collective of quality products and services that has served the construction industry for over 50 years. Individually, these brands represent a comprehensive package of products and practical solutions for various segments of the construction industry. As a whole, The SIKA GREENSTREAK GROUP has the resources to provide superior quality and unsurpassed service to an industry where doing the job accurately and on time is essential to success.